Generasi Baru Dapur Indonesia (GBDI)
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GBDI is an innovative movement aimed at promoting sustainable food consumption in Indonesia.

Dimulai Sejak : 01/03/2017
Nama Kegiatan :
GBDI manages three working groups: WG 1- Education, WG 2 – Action, and WG 3 – Promotion. The WG 4 is now under preparation, which is Food Waste working group.
Target SDGs : 12.3 kurangi food waste dan food loss

Penjelasan kegiatan :
In Phase 1 of this year, GBDI focused its activity in developing the manual called “Chef’s Handbook on Healthy and Sustainable Food and Cooking”. Main results
1. GBDI Working Groups
2. Chef’s Handbook on Healthy and Sustainable Food
3. GBDI Master Trainers, trained by GBDI international partners
4. Healthy-Sustainable Menu
5. Integration of GBDI principles in its member policy and strategy

In addition, GBDI has participated in the international EAT Forum in Stockholm in 2018 and 2019.

Target Kegiatan:

Main target groups are food service sector including restaurants, caterings, school canteens, and street food vendors. Mission of the movement are:
1. To increase healthy and sustainable food consumption in Indonesia
2. To support the sustainable food system for Indonesian sustainable development

Jangkauan Penerima manfaat : The starter kit is Bandung City and District.

Rencana Kedepan : To be multiplied to other cities, especially cities with the vision to become a sustainable city.